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Some important things to remember:

  • We STILL don’t know where Peter is or what Talia told Derek about him
  • Allison still isn’t been marked as herself
  • We still haven’t seen Kira’s mark 
  • We don’t know what Kira’s mother is
  • The message on Allison’s phone was coming from an internment camp and we have seen stills for episodes that either occur in some capacity in the past. 
  • Just to make your day worse: “Frontotemporal Dementia inevitably gets worse, usually over several years. In advanced FTD, people typically become mute and bedbound” (x)
  • It’s still not clear whether or not the Nogitsune is replicating/manipulating/trickster’ing Claudia’s disease in order to cause more strife/chaos of if Stiles is legitimately suffering from it. 
  • We STILL don’t know where Braeden went or why Duc apparently sent her to save Derek and Peter, or who the South American hunters were. 
  • Mama Yukimura talks about knowing something other than the Oni that can defeat the spirit in Stiles. What is it?
  • If Mama Yukimura is controlling the Oni, why did she send them after Kira?
  • Despite Stiles as being confirmed as the Nogitsune, we’ve been told via cast interviews that there are twists we “will never see coming” and Jeff said in Wolf Watch that “we don’t know if Stiles is really off the rails”. 
  • Basically be careful assuming anyone’s motives are explicitly clear right now because they’re probably not. 

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Dylan O’Brien’s dancing.


Posey had to pee and Dylan was being the best bro (x)

Dylan ‘DBalls’ O’Brien, ladies and gentleman. *_*

Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf 3x02 “Chaos Rising”


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