nogitsune!stiles impersonating stiles 

  • Kevin Smith: Go watch 10 minutes of this show Teen Wolf on MTV. And you'll go, "Oh my--this motherfucker is going to be famous." So famous, dude. Like, you are insanely talented, right out the gate dude. And you're a natural. You can just tell that you're kind of vibed in. You know how to use the's what you do when you're not speaking, and and you watch you in that show and you're operating on the level of a dude that's been doing this for many, many years.
  •  You're a natural! It's clear. And even the kids on the show are just, "Oh, Dylan's kind of the star of Teen Wolf." You can tell, you're going to make a lot of movies......I've seen a lot of kids shows that are aimed at youth and whatnot, and some of the acting is...what it is, you do what you can when the kids are kids, and not everyone is a natural. You watch you in that show and it just...comes right at you. It's there.
  •   I don't think you were born to do anything else but this.
  •  I've been doing this 20 years; it's very rare when you see the ones that are like dyed in the wool, natural, like, it's just in them. Some people make it their whole life's work to pull of what you've just got naturally. That's huge.

Misha Collins in Ringer